What is Artificial Grass?

For those unfamiliar with artificial grass, astro turf, astro grass, artificial turf, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, fake grass, we want to clear up what it is and what it is not.

It’s history and uses have varied throughout the years, so let’s start at the beginning to get a better understanding of this wonder product.

What is Artificial Grass?

To put it simply, artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibres, yarns that are dyed and cut to look and feel like natural grass. While artificial grass was originally manufactured strictly for commercial purposes, such as on sports fields and stadiums, it is mainly used today for residential gardens.

Because natural grass lends itself more to player injuries and problems, companies and sports owners decided that a soft artificial grass alternative was a better option.

Since the 1960s, much has changed within the artificial turf industry. Thanks to technology, today we have high quality, soft, and durable artificial grass that is perfect for most environment. The soft to the touch feel and the ability to bounce back from any physical movement or pressure applied to the surface, makes it the ideal option for homeowners and commercial uses alike.

In contrast with natural grass, artificial turf is low maintenance and can keep the benefits for decades. Obviously, the quality of the product you purchase has a dramatic impact on its durability and longevity, but with a bit of guidance you can easily select the ideal synthetic grass for your own lawn.

Our grass at EliGrass is designed with your needs in mind. Now you can enjoy an attractive lawn without worrying about maintenance.

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