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EliGrass artificial grass designed and manufactured in Europe using the finest yarns and certified traceable and controlled materials.

There is no limit to the places EliGrass can be installed, suitable for apartment terraces and rooftops or even creating your very own practice putting green.
Best of all, it requires little to no maintenance from you, allowing you to reclaim the time and money you once spent on gardening and just relax and enjoy your lawn all year round.

Pet and children safe and friendly, with lush colours of soft green artificial grass in different lengths and tones.

Our experts can advise on what the best type of grass from our EliGrass range to deliver the best performance for your needs.

Ideal for pet owners EliGrass Synthetic Grass ensures no more trying to fill unsightly holes, no muddy patches worn through and no stain spots to treat. So much easier to look after and without the ongoing cost.

All the EliGrass range of artificial grass can be used all year round come rain or shine without the mud problems of real grass. With so many reasons to have the perfect lawn without the cost associated with maintaining it, it soon pays for itself in the enjoyment and the value added to your home and garden.

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