We know your dogs will love our grass as much as you!

If you have dogs and are considering artificial grass for your back or front garden, then you may be wondering whether or not artificial grass is right for your pets. At EliGrass we have developed a company ideal for all your pet needs, SuperDog Turf takes the health of your pets seriously and provides high-quality artificial grass that is 100% safe and effective for all your furry family members. We have an eco-friendly range dedicated to allowing both you and your pets to enjoy our artificial grass all year round, now with zero odours thanks to our Zeo Stop material which can be purchased from our store for all those customers with existing artificial grass. It is important to make sure you choose the right grass for not only your pet but for your home which is why we offer a variety of grasses to cater for every need on the market. We have developed the range based on our most loved grass in the domestic market and altered the backing to allow dog urine to just pass through just like normal grass. Visit our products on SuperDog Turf  site, all products are in stock and ready for supply or installation.

Why Superdog Turf Is Perfect For Everyone

  • No More Muddy Paws

  • Perfect Odour Control

  • 100% Recyclable Grass

  • Low Maintenance

  • Grass Suitable For All Pet Sizes

  • Dig And Tear Resistant


SuperDog Turf with the help of the parent company EliGrass has rapidly become one of the leading dog agility artificial grass installers all over the UK. The combination of our 14mm multiplay artificial grass accompanied by the soft shock pad is ideal for heavy impact on all dogs. The installation would be completed with our 300mm sports tape designed for heavy traffic to ensure that no excited dogs can lift back any of the grass laid by the install team.


The demand for the dog market over the past 10 years has seen a huge upturn becoming as popular as a standard domestic installation. We have now completed over 2,880 domestic installations with our carefully developed new Eco grass and PU backing to combat all the issues a real grass provides from brown patches to muddy paws in those cold, winter times.


If you are a rescue centre or just someone who adores animals our artificial grass installation is perfect to make your life a little less stressful so you can spend the time focusing on what you love to do! Our installation methods differ from a normal installation to ensure that no dog no matter the size can rip or tear the grass from any edges.

Our Product Combination To Start Your SuperDog Turf Journey

SuperDog Turf Makes Everything Easy

Artificial grass is extremely low-maintenance, meaning you never have to fertilise or apply pesticides to the lawn we offer not only the products to assist you to keep your lawn looking great we also have a variety of packages for a team of specialists to give your garden that extra something special. You also never have to worry about harmful toxins affecting your pets. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass is stain resistant making it easy to clean up after your pets all whilst keeping your artificial grass looking aesthetic all year round. Instead of staining the grass, your pet’s elimination will seep through draining out in a safe and effective manner keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy all year long. If you have an enthusiastic dog or a boisterous pup you will thankful for your SuperDog Turf!  Please visit our sister site at SuperDog Turf for more information.

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