Sports Solutions: Hockey

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Artificial grass pitches are the primary playing surfaces for all levels of hockey – international, national and club level. There is a variety of artificial grass systems available from the high-specification water-based system used at the very top level of hockey; to the sand-based system which can also be used for a wide range of different sports.

An artificial hockey pitch requires a playing surface that has excellent responses for interaction between the player and the pitch and the ball and the pitch. It is essential for this surface to have excellent ball roll and therefore a sand-filled system with high-density filaments is required for both beginners and advanced, whereas a non-filled system would be ideal for high-performance hockey.

Our artificial grass includes both sand and rubber pellet infills to provide good shock absorption and stability of the surface. The inclusion of an elastic base layer underneath the artificial grass assists in achieving these conditions and the rubber pellet infill enables player traction and minimises the risk of injury. An EliGrass artificial grass system is highly durable and resistant thanks to its UV protection, and will enhance the ball-roll and rebound for a better game.