MUGA Multi Use Play Areas

From the classic mini playing pitch to a tailored sports solution to meet your specific requirements. Our board systems can be turned into football pitches, mini pitches, playing fields with special dimensions and enclosed sand courts. Whatever you happen to need, our aim is to ensure we meet the demands made by many different sports and applications.

No need to worry about children playing without supervision – the court is designed to minimize risk of injury. It is also extremely sturdy, guaranteeing many years of fun and games. The Classic has foundations firmly anchored in the ground and is a permanent, durable sports facility. This is the right system for you if … you want to set up a modern football or multi-sports arena bucket foundations do not present a problem you are looking for a system which is to be installed in a fixed location safety, durability and extreme sturdiness are amongst your top priorities

Instead of being anchored or embedded in the ground, the Advanced model features an additional handrail which provides equally high stability (structurally verified). It is therefore suitable for all locations where it is not possible or not permitted to lay foundations, such as cinder pitches, old tennis courts, schoolyards and asphalt surfaces. Shock pads are laid, the Advanced placed on top, and you are ready for kick-off! This system is also designed for use as permanently installed sports facilities, but can also be easily dismantled, leaving the ground untouched, and reassembled at a new location. This is the right system for you if … you want to set up a modern football or multi-sports arena your site should not or cannot accommodate foundations (e.g. hall floors, schoolyards, parking lots) you are looking for a system as a long-term installation, but with the option of remaining mobile safety, durability and extreme sturdiness are amongst your top priorities

Turn your Classic into a multi-functional sports arena. Simply select from a range of modules to equip your mini sports arena for whichever sport you choose: • Basketball Goals with basketball fittings, baskets with nets and backboards • Hockey Separate, free-standing hockey nets, extra fittings to round off the corners of the playing area • Volleyball / Badminton / Football tennis – Height of the net construction can be adjusted with tensioning rope and pulley, mounted on the central post This is the right system for you if … you are seeking to provide leisure facilities for demanding clients or customers in a hotel or club, for example you run a training facility or school where the children or other young players are absolute sports fanatics you would like to offer a broader range of sports, not “only” football you want to make your mini sports pitch even more attractive and broaden your customer reach


This mobile pitch features integrated goals and nets which keep the ball in constant play. It takes no time at all to set up and offers a particularly attractive action arena and lots of fun for players of all sizes and ages. Portable can be erected quickly and easily in any location. Modular construction using boards of different lengths makes it possible to set up playing areas of different sizes, large, medium or small. This flexibility can meet the needs of whichever space you may have available. When not in use, the board system can be easily stored or transported on a regular car trailer. This is the right system for you if … you are looking for a playing area for street parties or civic events, public viewing and fan zones, promotional activities or incentives, corporate events or kids / youth festivals and so on you want a sports arena which can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily you are looking for an action arena which offers ample space for advertising and sponsorship (on rebound boards, grandstands and playing kit, for example) and is, in itself, a striking attraction you want to provide a top class sports arena at your event

Indoor football is booming. The most attractive sports halls are magnets for players, fans and customers. Professional sport can thus be played all year round, day or night. Depending on the space available, several pitches can be set up alongside each other, separated by netting which is usually suspended from the hall’s ceiling with tension ropes. The ball thus remains in play on each individual court, whilst the hall retains an airy, open atmosphere as players share the spirit of sporting cameraderie. The aluminium and steel construction is secured professionally to the ground out of sight, beneath the hall’s artificial turf. Alternatively, separate courts, not screwed into the ground but with nets suspended on posts, make it possible to move the pitch at different times (e.g. outside during the Summer) This is the right system for you if … you want to equip your sports hall or sports centre with modern football or multi-sports pitches you want to increase the profitability of your hall or centre if your priorities include sound-insulated, extremely robust and durable boards and high-quality artificial turf

Quick to assemble, transportable and, of course supremely robust. . The ideal training device or fun feature for events, promotional activities, youth or corporate events and much more. Requires little space, but creates lots of fun and action for players and fans. The surrounding boards and nets ensure that the ball travels as fast as possible and players work up a sweat, as they push themselves to maximum performance levels. This is the right system for you if … you are looking for a pitch which you can use at street parties or promotional activities, incentives, corporate events, kids or youth festivals and so forth you want a playing area that can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily you only have limited space but you want to use it to the max you are looking for a compact, attention grabbing tool to offer lots of fun and action, which is easily transportable and can be stored in a small space