Who We Are

EliGrass, leaders in product innovation, offer European artificial grass superior by design. Thanks to our selected yarns and fibres with a concave section and central nerve, it behaves like a living surface, restoring to its original position after being walked on. Offering an innovative design and filament with multi green colours for a lush natural-looking, low maintenance artificial grass. Our advanced synthetic grass is used nationally and internationally for many applications including: residential, commercial, sports, golf & putting greens, schools, playgrounds, parks and other recreational areas. EliGrass ranges are made from the highest quality European traceable materials, quality tested, safe tested, and backed by a manufactures 7 year Guarantee. Additionally with our newer ranges we are pioneering the way with environmentally improved manufacturing techniques, reducing the energy and water resources required to produce a safer eco friendly recyclable ‘PU’ polyurethane grass.