Choosing the correct artificial lawn will be one of the best purchases you will ever make!

As one of Europe’s leading artificial grass providers, we believe in offering high quality and completely safe artificial grass for our customers. We also understand the importance of supplying the best artificial grass that families can rely on. For this reason, we manufacture our grass with your family’s concerns and comforts in mind. If you are in need of grass for your children’s play area or for your garden, you are in the right place to get the best from our comprehensive EliGrass lawns available.

Why Use our Products?

Our lawns can be used throughout the year—our artificial grass is ideally suited for year round use, all while providing your outdoor space with comfort and beauty all rolled into one product.

EliGrass 100% safe

You never have to worry about surprise toxic chemicals or harmful byproducts when you choose EliGrass. Additionally, our turf is soft enough to cushion falls making it perfect for playgrounds and gardens for children to play safely.

EliGrass lawns hard wearing but soft and ideal for play

Artificial grass that’s safe for children, with controlled and safe materials, with a continual quality check program in place. Most of our range is soft like real grass and cushions like carpet, looks like grass, just without the hassle of real grass.

EliGrass Lawns provides a no mess space

Your children’s play area might be full of mud and dirt that would typically end up indoors, leaving you with one more mess to clean up. With our safe artificial grass, you will have no mess from muddy footprints thanks to hard waring durable green lush lawns.

They create a textbook place for outdoor sports

Whether your children love football or simply love being outside, we offer the best artificial grass for playing and enjoying the outside world.

All of our products are designed and rigorously, whether you’re looking for an attractive play space or require a product that puts safety first, you’re in the right place. For the best artificial grass for children you can rely on EliGrass.